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Santa Cruz County for PRT

We hold a vision for the future of public transportation in Santa Cruz County, maximizing the use of Measure D funds to enhance convenience and sustainability. We hope to unite transit advocates and trail advocates in support of Personal Rapid Transit.

See also separate website for Santa Cruz PRT, Inc.

Bubbles and Beams - video cover Bubble and Beams - a convenient future, by Hans Kylberg
via Swedish Inst of Transportation & Communication Analysis
Meetings and Events

Upcoming Meetings of Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC):

Thursday, December 4, 2018, 9:00 am
County Board of Supervisors Chambers
701 Ocean St, Santa Cruz

Thursday, December 20, 2018, 9:00 am
RTC office
1523 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz

Thursday, January 17, 2018, 9:00 am
Location to be determined.

RTC meetings include an opportunity for public comment.

The December 4 meeting will be the first meeting with Guy Preston, the new RTC director.

The January 17 meeting will likely include a decision to implement a scenario based on the Unified Corridor Investment Study. This decision may involve a formal Alternatives Analysis to determine the best mode of transit on the rail corridor. We are asking the RTC to include PRT in that analysis.

See also: UCS Conceptual ATN Evaluation from PRT Consulting.



PRT: Personal Rapid Transit in Santa Cruz

Personal Rapid Transit uses very light overhead infrastructure, maybe a monorail, with podcars that get you where you want to go, quickly and efficiently. The podcar is lightweight and electric, extremely efficient because it doesn’t need to carry a heavy battery and it doesn’t need to make a lot of stops.

PRT offers a compelling combination of:

  • Convenience: No waiting for the bus, and no schedule to remember, because your podcar is probably already waiting for you.
  • Efficiency: Tiny carbon footprint, typically at least ??? times more efficient than a bus or train (maybe 5-10x, still researching)
  • Speed: Even at 25-30 mph, you would reach your destination quickly because there is no slowing for traffic or signals.
  • Low Impact: Very small physical footprint, and quiet!
  • Modern and Fun.

PRT can make full use of the space above the rail corridor while also including stops at UCSC, downtown, and other locations beyond the tracks. PRT infrastructure can also support GRT, or Group Rapid Transit, with larger trams or superpods.

M-BART Pod Car