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Podaris: Watsonville to Santa Cruz
(Hwy 1, 50 stations)

This route would provide good service without needing to use the rail corridor. It includes a balance of one-way loops, which increase the locations served, and bidirectional guideway, which may help to reduce costs while still connecting Watsonville to Santa Cruz. Measured in one-way guideway, it totals 41.2 miles.

Podaris: Watsonville to Santa Cruz
(Rail Corridor Plus, 55 stations)

This route makes use of the rail corridor while also providing direct service to many locations in Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola. It totals 41.3 miles of one-way guideway.

Video: Santa Cruz 3 loops (Hermes simulator) – 4 minutes with narration


And for another proposed route connecting the Santa Cruz Boardwalk to UCSC, please see