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Depending on the particular system chosen, local businesses can be enlisted to build most of the infrastructure. For example:

  • Construction companies can install the guideways and stations.
  • Skateboard companies can manufacture polyurethane wheels for the pods.
  • Surfboard companies can manufacture the shells of the pods.
  • Electric motorcycle companies can build motors and assemble the pods.
  • Solar installers can build solar panel canopies that provide shade and power the system.

Yes, Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas already include companies that do all of the above! Transit X, in particular, has stated a commitment to provide good manufacturing, assembly, and/or high-tech jobs in early-adopter communities.

There will also be plenty of ongoing jobs for maintenance workers as well as the operators and translators who will work with riders.

And of course, we must also mention that better mobility for all means better access to jobs, in the sense that more people can get to work more easily.