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Physical Disability

We expect that any PRT system in the United States will be ADA compliant. This may imply that every podcar is wheelchair accessible, but another option is for the system to include various podcar models to accommodate different needs. Either way, podcars will be available to serve people with disabilities.

People with limited vision or blindness can use their voice to specify where they would like to go.

Language Barrier

The system relies on a computer interface or voice commands, so it can support an arbitrary number of languages. Choosing a destination may be as simple as selecting a point on a map.

Senior Citizens

(text to come)

Mental Disability or Illness

Traveling within a Personal Rapid Transit network does not require any attention to schedules or transfers, making the system accessible to many more people who would not normally use a bus or train system.

The system can provide direct access to mental health clinics, making the clinics readily available to all.