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What makes PRT so convenient?

Little or no waiting: When you arrive at the PRT stop, a pod may be already waiting for you or it will come soon. There is no need to consult a bus schedule.

Little or no stopping: Unlike conventional transit, there’s no need to stop at every station on the way to where you’re going. PRT stations are “offline” in the sense that one pod can drop off or collect passengers on the side, while other pods sail on by.

No transfers within network: The podcar can take you directly from any PRT stop to any other PRT stop. The only time you would need to transfer is if you’re taking a bus or other transit to or from a location beyond the PRT network.

Comfortable, quiet podcar: The pods travel smoothly and quietly, and in general there is no need to share a podcar unless you choose to share (although a private podcar may be priced higher than a shared ride).