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Personal Rapid Transit makes everyone safer!

The PRT podcar itself is inherently safer than a car, because the entire system is computer-controlled and typically runs at a slower speed.

Need hospital? Just get to the nearest PRT stop, and you’re on your way.

Kids can get to school more safely and easily.

Public transportation overhead means less traffic and safer streets below.

Police and other safety officers can get across town, as needed, more easily than ever.

PRT enables physician specialists to get to the hospital more quickly when needed.

A robust transit system reduces traffic, resulting in fewer collisions on the road.

Ride-sharing is optional in a PRT system. Passengers may share a podcar for the most efficient energy usage, but any passenger who feels safer traveling alone may choose to do so.

With Personal Rapid Transit, a contagious person with an infectious disease can get to the doctor without sharing a confined space with others.