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This is an all-hands-on-deck moment in Santa Cruz County planning. There is so much to do!

Join our discussion list:!forum/santacruzprt

Letter writing: We can create a sample letter or petition for supporters to send to RTC.

Create a citizens’ scenario: In June 2017, the SCCRTC approved a $600,000 study of [LINK]six scenarios to develop an integrated, multimodal transportation network based on a triple bottom line approach that maximizes the environmental, economic, and equity benefits. We believe Personal Rapid Transit is by far the best approach to meet the stated [LINK]Goals, Criteria, and Performance Measures, but they are not studying Personal Rapid Transit unless we convince them to do so. Some of us believe the most effective way is for us to design a system in as much detail as possible and present it as a scenario that deserves study.

Create a citizens’ report: We can and should write a report explaining why we believe our scenario is the best one for meeting the stated [LINK]Goals, Criteria, and Performance Measures.

Websites: We need a modern, up-to-date website that emphasizes the Rail Corridor situation. The site should serve as a casual introduction to PRT and also facilitate in-depth research for our local situation.

Maintaining data: Keep track of comments and concerns of elected officials, public meeting dates, relevant agencies and citizens groups, etc.

Videos: Effective videos are worth their weight in gold!

Brochures: We need brochures in English and Spanish to hand out to people who are waiting for the bus.

Information forums: We need to reach out and present our information to the public.

Meeting with elected officials:

Attend meetings that include public comment:

Reach out to citizens’ organizations: including Campaign for Sensible Transportation, Trail Now and Greenway groups, Santa Cruz Climate Action Network, Sierra Club,